Summer 2002 • vol. is there legitimate generic viagra 2 no. 2 • buerger's disease • critical limb ischemia • sidebar • frequently asked questions • may is stroke awareness month • in the news • a daily dose of walking: it's good medicine • from our glossary • join our fight against vascular disease • leg pain? Buerger's disease: not from eating hamburgers janet smith came to our clinic with a sore on her left foot that after several months had not healed. Before she had the sore, janet remembered feeling pain in the instep of her foot when walking. generic viagra no rx Her pain had become steadily worse, and eventually became more constant, occurring at night while lying in bed as well as when walking. Pain in the leg or foot when exercising indicated that she had intermittent claudication, a symptom that is common in persons with peripheral arterial disease (pad). viagra online The development of pain at rest and sores were indicative of critical limb ischemia (cli) (see page 2), which indicated that her vascular disease was quite advanced. Yet some aspects of her case were not typical for pad. The history she told was remarkable because six years ago, at age 28, she had a gangrenous right second toe requiring peripheral bypass surgery and amputation. Pad is very uncommon in anyone less than 40 years of age, particularly in women. viagra viagra or viagra Unlike most patients with pad, janet did not have a history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other risk factors that are associated with artery blockage from plaque. However, she did have one risk factor that had increased her risk for arterial disease. what does a real viagra pill look like She had smoked a pack of cigarettes each day for the past 18 years, starting when she was 16. cheap generic viagra Janet's story is a typical one for buerger's disease or thromboangiitis obliterans (tao). cost comparison viagra vs viagra Thromboangiitis obliterans is a rare disorder characterized by inflammation of the small and medium arteries and veins. generic viagra It affects about 8-11 per 100,000 of north americans. The inflammation in tao frequently leads to blockages of arteries of the lower segments of the arms and legs, and may cause claudication or rest pain and non-healing sores or ulcers (cli). order viagra Tao occurs exclusively in individuals with a history of tobacco exposure of any kind, including smoking, chewing or snuff. This suggests that tobacco is an essential cause of tao. viagra zoloft experience Tao is different from pad, because it is not caused by atherosclerosis (plaque) buildup that causes a narrowing of the artery. viagra for sale Instead tao is caused by inflammation of the a.